Friday, 30 November 2007

The outbreak of plumbism is spreading: dead Flamingos found in Comacchio and Dragojesolo

More corpses of Flamingos were collected recently both in Comacchio (south of the Po Delta) and in Dragojesolo (north of Venice). Moreover, today the newspaper "La Stampa" of Turin offer to the readers a whole reportage of the story. The title is "Flamingos are dying in Italy - Slaughter of birds in the Po Delta: poisoned by the hunter". The reporter states that dead Flamingos were collected "in dozens" and that all evidences are pointing out an epidemic of plumbism due to the high number of lead pellets on the bottom of the lagoons, where Flamingos are currently feeding. They are attracted by the artificial fodder offered by the lagoon owners to the ducks to make faithful them to be finally shot.

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